Find out a bit more about why I’ve started the 365 Day Refuel here…

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A huge thank you!

I just wanted to take a few moments to write an admittedly somewhat belated (!) thank you to all of my followers …

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Day 365

I thought I’d have some happy conclusion, a miracle or answer to prayer before writing this closing chapter…

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Day 362

I think that in this world we live in today, we need a sense of inner peace more than ever before…

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Day 361

How many of us set our expectations of God far too low in our prayers, as if to cushion ourselves from being disappointed?

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Day 359

Praying without ceasing sounds like a nice idea, but what when we don’t find much headspace for prayer in our day?

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Day 358

If you’re anything like me, maybe you’ve read this and thought that you’re not really sure about this particular Bible promise.

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Day 357

One thing I am learning is that you have to squeeze an orange in order to get to the juice inside.

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