Find out a bit more about why I’ve started the 365 Day Refuel here…

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Day 349

The mark of true spiritual maturity is not how much you know about God; but rather how able you are to tune your ear to the spirit within…

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Day 347

One of the hardest things about trying and becoming pregnant again after experiencing a miscarriage is the fear…

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Day 346

I read this passage earlier this week and was reminded about how amazing our God really is…

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Day 345

God is love.  How many of us know this with our heads, and yet don’t really live with any really awareness of what this means in our lives?

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Day 344

The other night I went to watch a live comedy show with a good friend. And we laughed together. A lot…

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Day 343

Probably one of the lessons I have been slowest to learn in this journey of faith is to let the lover of my soul be the one who restores my soul…

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Day 342

Ageing is generally not something our culture respects or values as much as youth or beauty, and people spend a lot of money trying to reverse its effects…

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Day 340

Anyone who has ever tried to step out into something new, will know what resistance feels like…

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